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After Surgery Formulation

After Surgery Formulation

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A preparation to assist that counteracts the trauma that involves surgery.

Our After Dentist formulation is a preparation that assists with various dental procedures, including:

Post-Dentist Care: Offers support and relief after dental visits, including cleanings and various dental procedures.

Pain Relief: Helps alleviate pain and discomfort after dental work, such as extractions, root canals, and adjustments to braces.

Bleeding Control: Aids in reducing bleeding and inflammation following dental extractions and procedures.

Versatile Use: Suitable for care after a range of dental procedures, including bridges, dentures, and orthodontic treatments.

This formulation is specially designed to provide comfort and relief after dental appointments, making it versatile for various dental procedures. It helps manage pain, bleeding, and inflammation, ensuring a smoother post-dental visit experience.


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