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Fear of Dentist Formulation

Fear of Dentist Formulation

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A preparation to assist with fear of visiting the dentist. To assist adults and children with excessive, but natural panic towards dentist visits.

Our Fear of Dentist formulation is specifically designed to assist individuals who experience overwhelming fear and stress when visiting the dentist, particularly those with dental phobias. It is crafted to:

Anxiety Reduction: Helps reduce anxiety and fear associated with dental visits.

Fear of Pain Relief: Offers relief for those who anticipate pain and discomfort during dental procedures.

Calm and Comfort: Promotes a sense of calm and comfort for overly sensitive individuals before and during dental appointments.

This formulation is thoughtfully created to provide natural and effective support for individuals with dental phobias or extreme fear of dental visits. It aims to reduce anxiety, alleviate the fear of pain, and create a more comfortable experience when seeking dental care.



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