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Insomnia Formulation

Insomnia Formulation

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A preparation to assist insomnia.

Our Insomnia formulation is specially crafted to assist individuals experiencing difficulty falling asleep, particularly due to an overactive mind, worries, and thoughts that impede rest. It is designed to:


Sleep Induction: Aids in the process of falling asleep, even in the presence of a racing mind and excessive thoughts.

Stimulant Effects: Helps counteract the effects of stimulants like coffee, chocolate, and tobacco that may interfere with sleep.

Travel-Related Insomnia: Provides support for those who have trouble sleeping while traveling and not being in a familiar bed.

This formulation is thoughtfully created to offer natural and effective support for individuals dealing with insomnia, helping them relax their mind, counteract stimulant effects, and promote better sleep, even in unfamiliar or travel-related sleeping environments.



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