Kidney Stones Formulation

Kidney Stones Formulation

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A preparation to assist the pain of kidney stones and facilitate the passing of the kidney stone.

Our Kidney Stone formulation is specially crafted to assist individuals experiencing kidney stone-related pain and discomfort. It is designed to:


Pain Relief: Offers relief from the pain caused by kidney stones.

Stone Passage Assistance: Aids in the passing of small kidney stones.

Nausea Control: Helps alleviate nausea that can be caused by kidney stone blockage.

Urine Flow Enhancement: Promotes the flow of urine, aiding in the removal of kidney stones.

This formulation is thoughtfully created to offer natural and effective support for individuals dealing with kidney stones, helping manage pain, facilitate the passage of stones, control nausea, and improve urine flow for a more comfortable and smoother experience during stone-related issues.



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